Publications of Dorking Local History Group

Editions of Dorking History, the annual journal of Dorking Local History Group, are available at £2 each (see 'Contacts' page). They can also be consulted at Dorking Museum. These contain articles relating to Holmwood as follows: 

  • Holmwood Common: uses and abuses through a millenium - Kathy Atherton (2018)
  • St John the Evangelist Church, North Holmwood War Memorial, The Great War 1914-1919 - Jim Edwards (2015)
  • History of Highacre, Dorking (on the site of Rough Rew) - Jim Edwards (2010)
  • The Beyfus Family of Daisy Lodge - Kathy Atherton (2010)
  • Francis Seymour Larpent - Vivien Timcke-Burdett (2009)
  • The Three Olympias: Holmwood's Huguenot Connections (the Cazalet, Arnold, Larpent and Wickham families) - Kathy Atherton (2009)
  • John Langdon Davies - from conscientious objector to Home Guard via the Spanish barricades and the Holmwood - Kathy Atherton (2008)
  • The strange case of the amoebic shape-shifting Common - Kathy Atherton (2008)
  • Tracing the ownership of Waterland Farm, Blackbrook - Mary Day (2008)
  • A Narrow Escape (on runaway vehicles in the Holmwood) (2008)
  • The Holmwood Manoeuvres of July 1876 - Maureen Cole (2007)
  • The Double Life of a Capel Yeoman (the Tilt family of Holmwood) - Pam Palmer (2007)
  • The Admiral and the Obnoxious Ornaments (Admiral Sir Leopold Heath and St Mary Magdalene) - Kathy Atherton (2007)
  • 'A Bit of Singing and Dancing': Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, the Esperance Girls' Club and the Sundial - Kathy Atherton (2006)
  • The Evacuation of the Holmwoods (the planned evacuation of the villages in the First World War) - Kathy Atherton (2005)
  • The Norfolk Arms, Holmwood - S.E. Worrow and Kathy Atherton (2004)
  • The North Holmwood Pottery - Brian Overell (2003)
  • The Cabin, North Holmwood - Alan A. Jackson (2003)

Dorking, a Surrey Market Town through twenty centuries by Vivien Ettlinger, Alan A. Jackson and Brian Overell ISBN 1-870912-03-9

Published 1999 124 pages with illustrations An overview of the history of the manor and town of Dorking to which the Holmwood belonged. Available at £5

These publications are available from Dorking Local History Group (see 'research and contacts')